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Some 15 km from the cherry capital of Ficksburg, on the R70
to Rosendal, the picturesque farm Uitkyk (Lookout or Vantage) is the home of Green Goose Organics.

With over 1000 hectares under organic management, primarily in pastures, we are committed to a system of farming which produces health enhancing, nutrient dense food whilst always being mindful of nurturing and continually improving the land.

Explore this site, learn about our philosophy on food and farming, visit our farm, challenge us where you think we may be lacking become one of our regular customers, sourcing your family’s food directly from our farm!All products we sell are produced on our own farm.We support the concept of family farms as opposed to industrial agriculture.

“We encourage our customers to be critical about the integrity of their food supply - taste, intrinsic healthfulness thereof, origin, localness, stewardship of the land upon which it was produced, environmental impact, welfare of farm animals and maintenance of biodiversity.”

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